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RFID Tags in Access Control Systems

By Christian Becker, 16 March 2015

One of our recent engagements required us to explore an unknown RFID tag which was used as part of an access control system. The objective of this engagement was to ...

Thanks for the Memories: Identifying Malware from a Memory Capture

By Adam Bridge, 02 March 2015

We've all seen attackers try and disguise their running malware as something legitimate. They might use a file name of a legitimate Windows file or even inject code into a ...

Java Obfuscation
Automating Removal of Java Obfuscation

By David Klein, 16 Feb. 2015

In this post we detail a method to improve analysis of Java code for a particular obfuscator, we document the process that was followed and demonstrate the results of automating ...

Evasive Measures: "faxmessage.php" malware delivery

By Deryl Slight and Matt Raeburn, 10 Dec. 2014

In the ongoing malware arms race attackers are always trying to find creative ways to bypass detection, and this isn’t something that is limited to targeted threat actors. In fact ...

RDP Replay Tool
RDP Replay

By Steve Elliott, 30 Oct. 2014

Here at Context we work hard to keep our clients safe. During routine client monitoring our analysts noticed some suspicious RDP traffic. It was suspicious for two reasons. Firstly the ...

Doom Printer
Hacking Canon Pixma Printers - Doomed Encryption

By Michael Jordon, 12 Sept. 2014

This blog post is another in the series demonstrating current insecurities in devices categorised as the ‘Internet of Things’. This instalment will reveal how the firmware on Canon Pixma printers ...

Rapid Response
Upcoming service announcement: IRIS, a new aperture on Incident Response

05 Sept. 2014

Rapid incident response is a core function of Context's Response division and we pride ourselves on the close relationships and integration we build with our clients. However, we have found ...

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