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Protecting Against the Insider Threat
Protecting Against the Insider Threat

By Nick Mazitelli, 31 March 2016

The trusted insider threat remains one of the most potent, yet least understood, of the all the security threats that organisations face. All too often protections are designed based on ...

Debugging the Windows Kernal
An Introduction to Debugging the Windows Kernel with WinDbg

By Jan Mitchell, 16 March 2016

Being able to examine the inner workings of an operating system is a powerful ability. The kernel is a common target for advanced malware and many of the most powerful ...

Red error message
The New glibc Vulnerability that Desperately Needs a Name

By Alise Silde, 02 March 2016

A lighthearted view on the latest glibc vulnerability and how it compares to similar older issues.The GNU C Library, most common in Linux environments, but also widely-used for interfacing with ...

Do you remeber this packet
Do you remember this packet?

By Adam Bridge, 17 Feb. 2016

Whilst attempting to recover the DNS cache from a Windows memory sample, we made a mistake and accidentally stumbled across something much more interesting: the incoming and outgoing packet buffer ...

Push to Hack
Push To Hack: Reverse engineering an IP camera

By Alex Farrant and Neil Biggs, 02 Feb. 2016

For our most recent IoT adventure, we've examined an outdoor cloud security camera which like many devices of its generation a) has an associated mobile app b) is quick to ...

The Art of Cyberwar
Pen Testing: The Art of Cyberwar

27 Jan. 2016

The Art of War is a Chinese military text attributed to a general and strategist called Sun Tzu. Despite being published 2,500 years ago, his words still ring true: "If ...

ConCon 2016

11 Jan. 2016

ConCon is our annual internal technical conference - it's an opportunity for a sizeable chunk of our technical community from the UK and Germany to get together for the day ...

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