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Context Threat Intelligence - The Monju Incident

By Mark Graham, 19 Feb. 2014

On 2nd January 2014 a Systems Administrator at the Monju fast breeder reactor facility in Japan noticed suspicious connections emanating from a machine in the control room, coinciding with what ...

Fiesta Exploit
Fiesta Exploit Kit Analysis

03 Feb. 2014

In January, Cisco published a blog post on the ubiquitous Fiesta Exploit Kit (EK) which is quite active at the moment. To supplement their analysis, this post takes a look ...

Expressing yourself
Expressing Yourself: Analysis of a Dot Net Elevation of Privilege Vulnerability

By James Forshaw, 17 Dec. 2013

Partial Trust Security In the .NET framework sandboxing is implemented by running code with 'Partial Trust' which uses the built-in Code Access Security (CAS) framework to limit what code can ...

Malware 1
Malware 1 - From Exploit to Infection

By Mark Nicholls, 07 Dec. 2013

In this series of posts I will be looking at the most recent malware attacks encountered by Context. The analysis and observations will cover the entire malware lifecycle, providing an ...

Following me
Are You Following Me?

By Rob Sloan, 11 Oct. 2013

A client approached us this week with an interesting issue: several members of their staff were being tracked online and their location, the country at least, was being posted online ...

Windows RT and Powershell

16 Aug. 2013

About 6 months ago some ingenious researchers found a way of ‘Jailbreaking’ Windows RT, the ARM based port of Windows 8. While Windows RT came with almost an entire Desktop ...

The Day of the Ball is not the Time to Learn to Dance

By Rob Sloan, 15 July 2013

For years organisations around the world have looked at the risks that they face and put in place a list of mitigations. Most buildings have a fire risk and in ...

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