Application Security Assessment

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Application Security Assessments identify security weaknesses in applications and provide recommendations for their mitigation. They provide assurance that an application is safe, secure and adheres to security best practices.

Applications assessed are often web applications or web services, but all types of application can be susceptible to security weaknesses. Security weaknesses range from weak password policies to vulnerable software allowing attackers to steal information from the system. They can leave organisations at risk of brand damage, disruption, theft and direct financial loss.

Possessing over 15 years of application testing experience, Context’s security consultants leverage state of the art knowledge, frameworks and tools to find vulnerabilities. Context employs its own application testing methodology, based on industry best practice including the OWASP Guide, SANS CWE Top 25, CERT Secure Coding, and Context’s own world leading, independent security research.

Combining expert knowledge and the ability to take into account ‘the bigger picture’, Context produces assessments that are well researched, relevant and representative. Each assessment report contains a list of findings rated according to severity, with clear recommendations describing how to remediate them.

A Context application security assessment provides assurance that an application has been designed with security in mind.

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