Bespoke Training Courses

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All training courses run by Context can be customised to suit individual requirements, but we are also able to develop fully bespoke training courses to meet even more specific needs. This may include training to enhance the skills of security specialists – training in the use of advanced penetration testing or malware reverse engineering techniques, for example – or courses aimed at non-security specialists, such as training to help companies and their staff to cope in the immediate aftermath of a security incident, or to raise awareness of security issues.

Other subjects covered by previous bespoke courses have included secure coding techniques for developers working in a specific technology or language; and training to help in-house personnel working for technology vendors hunt for bugs in new software. We can also provide training to help a client’s staff conduct some security testing themselves, so they only need hire us for more advanced security testing and consultancy tasks.

Close integration with the other services Context delivers helps to inform training requirements for particular clients. So if a security assessment has identified a particular weakness we might develop a course designed to address that issue. The breadth of our expertise means clients can approach us to discuss courses covering just about any aspect of security.

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