Managed Phishing Service

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Phishing is an increasingly sophisticated attack vector, and forms the first step in the majority of real-world compromises. Context’s managed phishing service assesses an organisation's resilience to these attacks, both from a technical and staff awareness perspective.

 Context's managed phishing service allows an organisation to send simulated phishing emails to their users in a controlled manner. User actions are tracked safely, user awareness is benchmarked and trends can be analysed across regular assessments.

The service includes a focussed assessment of the technical controls used to protect unaware users, as well as identifying information available in the public domain that may increase an organisation's exposure to these attacks.

Drawing on our experience of performing real-world phishing attacks in red-team engagements, as well as insights from responding to attacks against our customers, a phishing assessment provides assurance around both the technical and people controls in place to prevent key assets from being compromised.

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