Mobile Device Security

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Modern mobile devices are highly portable and contain vast amounts of corporate and personal information, including text, location, sound and video. They are often not protected by passwords and are more vulnerable to theft than traditional workstations and laptops.

Mobile Device Security Assessments provide assurance that a device is safe to use in the home or workspace, and provide recommendation on how to configure them in a secure way. Context have a proven track record in performing these assessments on smart phones, tablets and phablets including Apple, BlackBerry, Android and Windows based devices for government, telecommunications companies and large businesses.

Assessments involve a consultant trying to compromise the device and identify weaknesses in the shipped device configuration that expose it to attack. They will try to extract information from the device itself, or intercept data in transit. The methods employed will include exploiting insecure boot loaders, jail-breaking, remote debugging, encryption and security policy analysis. The assessment report describes the overall security stance of the device and how it can be further locked down, or a review of a pre-specified configuration, allowing an organisation to better understand the risks involved with deploying the mobile device under assessment.

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