Targeted Attack Detection Service (TADS)

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Context’s Targeted Attack Detection Service (TADS) is an industry-leading offering, available in response to a specific threat or breach, as an ongoing, managed service. Users include many blue chip companies and government organisations.

TADS offers protection against otherwise irresistible sophisticated targeted attacks or Advanced Persistent Threats (APT). These attacks are able to circumvent conventional network defences like firewalls, anti-virus and intrusion detection, because they are bespoke for each attack and therefore evade signature detection; because their deployment often incorporates use of subtle and sophisticated social engineering methods; and because they are perpetrated by well-resourced attackers, often with state support.

TADS gives organisations the best possible chance of detecting and mitigating these attacks/APTs. It is based on the best tools and techniques available, complemented with Context’s skilled human analysts who are experienced in cyber investigations and countering targeted attacks/APTs.

Context uses a mixture of tools, including a continually updated database of IP addresses, hostnames and malware linked to specific countries and organisations, alongside advanced behavioural analysis techniques which help identify malware on the network. Detailed analysis of current and previous attacks and their consequences means the client is in a far better position to identify damage, isolate affected systems and so improve protection of applications, services and data.

Read more about Context's TADS service here.

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