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We are currently accepting applications for Trainee Consultants to start in September 2017.

Do you have an avid interest in the technical side of information security? Want to learn how to break into systems, not just using ‘hacking tools’ but by understanding exactly how and why systems are vulnerable?

Our Trainee Consultants are provided with a full training programme in hands-on penetration testing and challenged to develop and use their skills to help assess the security of real customer systems, finding exploitable weaknesses before the attackers do.

Successful candidates will be able to demonstrate aptitude to:

  • Quickly learn the technical skills of penetration testing
  • Translate the technical findings from an assessment into relevant, actionable information for customers
  • Work with the rest of the technical team, learning from experienced security experts and contributing your own knowledge
  • Help improve the tools, techniques and processes used by Context Consultants every day
  • Deliver technical and complex assignments to realistic, but challenging deadlines

We take on Trainee Consultants and recent graduates for our Assurance team 1-2 times a year. If you are interested in applying, please go to our current vacancies page to read the full job descriptions for Trainee Consultants.

Throughout the year, we also recruit trainees for our Research department so if this an area you’re interested in then please do send us your CV or keep an eye on the current job opportunities page.

Interview process

There will be a two stage interview process for Trainee Consultants. The first stage is a technical assessment which will consist of a 60 minute practical test, followed by a 30 minute written assessment.

The second stage will be a competency based interview, giving us a chance to get to know you and for you to learn more about Context.

Want to make sure we take notice of your CV? Find out more about our Context Challenges and use it to demonstrate your exceptional information security skills!

Trainee Consultant programme

As a Trainee Consultant, you will be given training and mentoring to learn new skills in the first few weeks after which you will be given the opportunity to start working on live projects under the supervision of our more experienced consultants. The training program is structured

Day 1 – Induction
Day 2 – 5 – Web application training
Weeks 2-4 – Shadowing an experienced consultant and assisting on web application tests
Week 5 – Four days of infrastructure training and one day of report writing training
Week 6 and 7 – Shadowing an experienced consultant and assisting on infrastructure and application tests
Week 8 – By around week 8 you'll be well on your way to a successful career in cyber security!

After these initial weeks, you will continue to have the opportunity to undertake training and qualifications as well as learn from your peers.

“When I first joined Context, I was a bit overwhelmed by the possibilities here (Assurance, Response or Research?), but now I’ve come to realise it’s great fun to work with so many talented and motivated individuals who all have their own niche knowledge areas. This is also very helpful when you are faced with a really challenging or an unusual problem!”
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