Attacking and Defending WPA Enterprise Networks

Attacking and Defending WPA Enterprise Networks

03 Oct 2020

In today’s age, wireless networks pose as a highly valuable and accessible attack vector against an organisation for attackers.

Following on from an initial introduction to wireless Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Enterprise security and deployment, the aim of this White Paper is to help organisations increase their WPA Enterprise security posture. This is achieved by demonstrating various attacks against WPA Enterprise networks and giving recommendations on how to mitigate them.

The paper offers:

  • an overview to WPA Enterprise, providing readers with a foundational understanding of the framework which underpins the authentication process within WPA Enterprise networks
  • detailed descriptions on how to identify the different authentication methods supported by a WPA Enterprise network
  • outlines of practical attacks and mitigations against popular authentication methods; and
  • an introduction of a holistic approach to securing a wireless environment.
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