Do you have what takes to become an information security professional? Here you can find series of challenges to test your skills.

There are multiple challenges across the areas of web application, cryptography, binary and wireless. If you're interested in working for Context, we invite you to solve a challenge and then email your proof to us in order to fast-track your application.

About the challenges

All challenges are based on files that you can download or view above. The application hosting the challenges (the Context website) and the Context networks are out of scope and shouldn't be attacked or tested. If in doubt, please ask for permission first.

How to submit a completed challenge

When you have solved a challenge, a token will be presented to you. You then need to email our recruitment team at [email protected] with:

  • A write-up of the challenge(s) that you have solved;
  • Provide the token as a proof; and
  • A bit of information about yourself, for example a copy of your CV (if you haven't already sent one in).

You can complete as many of the challenges as you wish to show us the level of skill you have!

Please note! In connection with your participation in these challenges you agree to comply with all applicable local and national laws.

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