Trainee Consultant Programme

We are looking for people with a passion for ethical hacking who want to cement their technical excellence with a consultancy at the cutting edge of information security. 

We pride ourselves on our unique and meticulous approach to penetration testing in order to ensure that our clients get the most value from it, providing tangible improvements to their security. We empower our consultants to utilise all of their technical ability on engagements, be creative and really get in to the mind-set of an attacker in order to find vulnerabilities that others simply can't. 

Our Trainee Consultants are provided with a full training programme in hands-on penetration testing and challenged to develop and use their skills in order to help assess the security of real customer systems, finding exploitable weaknesses before the attackers do. 

Interview Process

There will be a two stage interview process for Trainee Consultants. The first stage is a technical assessment which will consist of a 60 minute practical test, followed by a 30 minute written assessment.

The second stage will be a competency based interview, giving us a chance to get to know you and for you to learn more about Context. 

The Programme

As a Trainee Consultant, you will be given training and mentoring to learn new skills in the first few weeks after which you will be given the opportunity to start working on live project under the supervision of our more experienced consultants. The training program structure is detailed below: 

  • Day 1 - Induction
  • Day 2-5 - Web Application Training 
  • Weeks 2-4 - Shadowing an experienced consultant and assisting on web application tests 
  • Week 5 - Four days of infrastructure training and one day of report writing training  
  • Week 6 and 7 - Shadowing an experienced consultant and assisting on infrastructure and application tests  
  • Week 8 - By around week 8 you'll be well on your way to a successful career in cyber security


Applications for the September 2018 intake for our Trainee Consultant Program are now open. So if you are interested, please do send in your CV.

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