KiwiCon 2038

Caleb Anderson, Lead Consultant at Context Information Security will be presenting at KiwiCon.

Nov 16 2018
16 Nov 2018 - 17 Nov 2018  07:30 - 20:30
Michael Fowler Centre 111 Wakefield St, Wellington, 6011

Caleb Anderson, Lead Consultant from our Melbourne office will be presenting in New Zealand at KiwiCon, taking place on 16th - 17th November. He is presenting on an attack against Ethereum smart contracts and has developed a tool to identify vulnerabilities which could allow attacker to steal money from these contracts. Our entire Australian Assurance team will also be going over to attend.

KiwiCon is one of the largest conferences in the Australia-Pacific region, attempting to bring together individuals within the Information Security industry. With over 2000 attendees ranging from business professionals to students, hobbyists and more, KiwiCon allows all guests to discover new and stimulating information through various talks given throughout the conference. 

Find out more about KiwiCon here.

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