Webinar: How to maximise your red team

Red teaming forces you to think about your business the way an attacker would. 

Oct 04 2018
04 Oct 2018   16:00 - 16:45
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As attackers become more sophisticated, it is important that organisations assess their capability to resist and respond to cyber-attacks based on an understanding of the key threats they face. An organisation that can endure a comprehensive, threat intelligence-led, red teaming exercise can have greater confidence in its ability to deal with advanced attacks. 

This webinar discusses the importance of red teaming, how it differs from a standard penetration test and how you can maximise the benefits for your organisation when conducting one. 

You will learn:

  • What Red Teaming is;
  • The business benefits of Red Teaming; 
  • How to prepare your organisation for a Red Team exercise; 
  • Other approaches to help you maximise the results of your red team. 

This Webinar will benefit:

CISOs, Security Testing managers, IT managers and senior penetration testers looking to improve their organisation's security posture. 


Andy Hornegold, Principal Security Consultant at Context, has been working as a penetration tester since 2011. He is both CESG CHECK team leader and CREST certified tester in infrastructure, with experience and technical proficiency in targeted red team testing and social engineering. Andy has significant experience working within a wide variety of business sectors including central government, banking, media, professional services, telecommunications and retail.

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