Whatever your business – from transport and engineering to healthcare and pharmaceuticals – the question is not if you will be attacked, but when. 

The truth is that you already face threats from inside and outside of your organisation. As cyber criminals become more sophisticated, these attacks will become more difficult to detect and prevent. Even non-targeted attacks that exist as part of the background noise of the Internet are becoming more sophisticated and more damaging.

Every industry has its own set of challenges. Whether its vital legacy systems, significant budget constraints while running complex systems or trying to increase the pace of delivery through agile or new online platforms.

With our broad experience across all sectors, we are able to help analyse and understand the risk landscape unique to each organisation to increase their overall security posture as well as helping to detect and deal with any security incidents.

And when it comes to cyber-attacks, size really doesn’t matter: every organisation is at risk. Ensuring that vulnerabilities that could leave you open to attack are minimised is an essential part of any cyber security strategy for small, medium-sized and large businesses alike. 

Context is structured to be agile and flexible, so we can offer a range of services suitable for both large enterprise and SMEs. Cyber security is vital for all sizes of companies so our commitment is to deliver the services tailored to meet their needs.

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