Context Asiapac Present at the RSA Singapore Conference

11 Jul 2014

Scott Ceely (Director AsiaPac) and Matthew McGlashan (Head of Response,AsiaPac) will presenting at the RSA Conference in Singapore on Wednesday 23rd July.  The presentation, titled “A Strategic Approach to ThreatIntelligence”, aims to not only provide the Context perspective on whatThreat Intelligence is, but also to arm attendees with the questions they needto be asking within their organisations to ensure that any Threat Intelligenceproduct is appropriately utilised, learned from and incorporated into broadercyber security strategy.


The presentation will also include a real-life case study from Context’sexperience in this space.  This will demonstrate how Threat Intelligenceis applied to assist an active investigation, outline the mapping of the originand evolution of an attack, and then converting new information intointelligence and feeding this into the intelligence cycle to developrequirements for protecting against future attacks.


An outline of the presentation, as well as a podcast interviewdiscussing what people will take away from the presentation, can be found here:

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