Context Information Security Sponsors NeuroCyberUK

30 May 2019

Context are proud to support this organisation, and will be spending the first day of InfoSec Europe on the NeuroCyber stand at Olympia London on 4th June 2019.  

Context Information Security is thrilled to announce that we are now an official sponsor of NeuroCyberUK.

Our neurodivergent population has so much to contribute to the world of cyber security, but few people are aware of the roles and resources available. The UK Cyber sector has united to work towards improving outcomes for these individuals. There are around 700,000 people in the UK on the autism spectrum. Approximately 1 in 100. Current data shows that only 16% of adults with autism (a neurodiverse condition) are in full time employment. This figure has not improved since 2007.

At the same time, the cyber security sector is struggling with an increasing skills gap, expected to reach 3.5 million globally by 2021. Up to ¾ of cognitively able autistic adults could possess the aptitude and skillset for a career in cyber security. There are a growing number of organisations in the UK Cyber sector providing schemes for those with neurodiverse conditions, but the employment and retention figures remain stagnated. Greater impact will only be achieved at scale through effective coordination across the sector.

Formed in October 2017, the Cyber Neurodiversity Group is building on the good work already underway in the sector. Over 30 members represent UK Government, the UK Cyber Industry, Academia & Third Sector to come together to better coordinate activity. With the shared knowledge & experience of participants, the aim is to improve outcomes by attracting and retaining those with neurodiverse conditions, enrichment of the sector through diversity and positively impacting the skills gap.

For more information about his fantastic group, visit

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