Context launches new training for cyber security professionals

12 Jan 2017

With knowledge and skills as the foundation for effective cyber security, Context Information Security has launched its new training and refresher programme designed to keep cyber security professionals, CISOs and IT managers up to date with the knowledge and skills required to understand and defend against the latest threats.

The courses have been designed to provide in-depth understanding and practical knowledge across four main categories - web application hacking, mobile hacking and security testing, red teaming / simulated targeted attacks and hacking network infrastructure.
“The threat landscape is rapidly evolving and it can prove difficult to ensure your employees’ skills can handle new and emerging threats,” said Owen Wright, Assurance Director at Context. “Our courses enable organisations to keep their staff’s skills and knowledge at the cutting edge of security and are structured to range in difficulty from introductory to expert.”

Context’s custom-built training portal permits instant feedback along with detailed answers to practical challenges. Training courses range from 1-4 days depending on the complexity of the topics covered and courses can be bought individually or as part of a package.

For further information go to our Training page or email

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