Context partner with online training platform Codebashing

03 Mar 2017

As part of Context’s relaunched training offering we can now offer online application security training for major programming languages,including C++ and mobile platforms, through our partnership with Codebashing.

Codebashing provides an interactive e-learning platform thatgives developers, software QA teams, software architects and software functional testers effective scalable and consistent training on relevant application security issues.

The game-like, interactive platform is more fun than videobased training and allows training to be provided across a wider platform more easily and efficiently with each programme routinely updated. Whilst the training is flexible enough for individuals to conduct it on their own schedule the management interface allows oversight of how well individuals are progressing.

Andrew Turner, Sales Director at Context said: “the Codebashing online training platform is complementary to Context’s existing training services; it enables Clients to increase the knowledge and understanding of security across wider groups of people in a simple, interactive and flexible method. Codebashing has a proven track record with clients such as Microsoft, Sky and Fitbit who have all benefitted from the platform. We’re excited to partner with Codebashing as it will help us continue to improve our client’s security posture in addition to our existing services”.

For more information on Codebashing, you can watch the explainer video here. Or find further details on Context’s in-depth training courses on our training page.

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