Context releases SnitchDNS ahead of showcase at BlackHat Europe

07 Dec 2020

Context releases SnitchDNS ahead of Arsenal showcase session at BlackHat Europe.

SnitchDNS is a database driven DNS Server with a Web UI, written in Python, that makes DNS administration easier with all configuration changes applied instantly without restarting any system services.

One of its main features is the logging of all DNS queries allowing the discovery of network traffic endpoints, and it can also be used to implement canary tokens as it supports notifications via e-mail, web push, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Red teamers can use SnitchDNS for many purposes including monitoring phishing domains for sandboxes, integrating with SIEM solutions, to restrict responses to specific IP ranges, egress data via a DNS tunnel and catch-all domains.

Context’s Pavel Tsakalidis will demonstrate SnitchDNS at BlackHat Europe’s Arsenal virtual event on December 9, 2020.

Learn more about the tool here.

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