Context to run hacking workshop at BSides Canberra

10 Apr 2018

Context will also be running a workshop "Cyber Range: Operation Par00t (Hacking a Physical Control Network)" on Friday 13th April at this year's BSides Canberra.

The workshop is an opportunity for both rookies and experts to get their hands dirty with some scenario based hacking experience in a purpose built enterprise network. It will run from 10am-5pm at the Packet Hacking Village area of the venue. 

Most CTF competitions focus on a single objective or standalone technical skill or technique and rarely offer a chance to practice real world testing skills or a chain of successive attack vectors, which is what we hope this workshop will allow participants to experience.

The end goal of the competition is to compromise an electronic physical control system for a remote control drone - and the first team to control the drone gets to walk away with a Bebop 2 Parrot Drone! Runners up will also receive a special Context prize pack. 

The workshop will be led by Shishir Gupta, Connor Scott and Gerard Kelso from Context. 

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