Fatih Ozavci joins Context AsiaPac as Managing Consultant

Fatih Ozavci joins Context AsiaPac as Managing Consultant

04 Apr 2016

We are delighted to welcome Fatih Ozavci who joins Context as a Managing Consultant in our Melbourne office. He joins the Asia-Pacific Assurance team in a leading role for security research and penetration testing engagements. Fatih is responsible for improving technical assurance services and helping support industry events across the Asia-Pacific region.

Fatih brings with him a wealth of experience in providing ablend of result-focused, tailored security research and customer-focused technical consultancy engagements. Prior to joining Context, he was a Principal Security Consultant working on research projects and leading security testing engagements for large organisations in both the public and private sector.

Fatih’s professional focus lies with communications and embedded system security. He leads the development of his open source security testing tool projects, most well-known of which is, Viproy VoIP Penetration TestingKit, to improve unified communications security for large organisations through to individuals. Fatih is currently working on mobility security and IoT security research to discover additional attack vectors for all types of communications. He aims to improve existing embedded system and BYOD services for Context’s customers, to realign Context’s existing training material and augment red team capability in these areas. Fatih has previously presented at numerous key industry events such as Blackhat USA, Defcon, HITB Singapore, Blackhat Europe and Ruxcon. He will be working closely with Rich Davies who heads up our technical team in the AsiaPac region.

Context can deliver its full security assurance and response service suites, delivered from and customised for, the growing AsiaPacific region.Our services include mobile platform and application testing; infrastructure testing; secure code review; physical and social engineering, SDLC security, product assessment, full red team operations and bespoke training courses amongst many more.

We’re excited to welcome Fatih on board and look forward to seeing his experience and skills benefit the team and our expanding Asia-Pacific client base.

Context is currently hiring in a number of departments and in a number of our offices, please visit our careers pages if you would like more information.

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