New Blog Released: Communicating a Cyber Attack

14 Dec 2015

Today Kat Demidecka releases a blog post to look at the recent breach at TalkTalk and how the investigation unfolded. She discusses our recommendations at Context for managing communications around cyber securityincidents.

TalkTalk initially released a statement revealingthat they had suffered a DDOS attack against their website and that as a result potentially4 million customers’ sensitive data could have been compromised, including names,dates of birth, addresses, contact details and bank details. Several days laterthis was increased to an even larger figure after speculation that databelonging to former customers could also be at risk.

The statistics around the huge number of customerspotentially affected caused a media frenzy, leavingcustomers fearing the worst and unsure of what action to take. In the aftermathof the incident, the TalkTalk website was taken offline and within a few hoursthe company’s share price dropped by 10%.

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