New Blog Released on ‘GDB on Android: Debugging the kernel like a boss’

17 Aug 2015

Today, one of our senior research consultants Andy Monaghan released a blog titled 'KGDB on Android: Debugging the kernel like a boss'.

In the post Andy refers to the Android Hacker's Handbook, making particular reference to the 'Hacking and Attacking the kernel' chapter.

"The Android kernel is based on the Linux kernel, which means a large portion of the code base is shared between the two. The upside of this is that Android's kernel, is open source - you can obtain, modify, build and boot your own kernel on most Android devices, which is a great way of learning how things tick.

For security researchers, code auditing is a valuable weapon in our arsenal - the ability to look through source code and spot subtle, but vulnerable lines of code that busy developers sometimes miss is often vital in the battle for more secure software. However, sometimes static analysis just isn't enough and you want to see the effect of that overflow/underflow/whatever, in gory detail. This is where having a debugger, such as the GNU Debugger (GDB), attached to your target can help.

So when I came across a section on 'Live Debugging with KGDB' I was intrigued..."

Click here to read the blog in full

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