New Blog Released on ‘Nation States: the Godfathers of Cyber Attacks’

15 Sep 2015

Today Kat Demidecka, Lead Investigative Consultant, releases the next blog in the IET seriestitled ‘Nation States: the Godfathers of Cyber Attacks’.

For many years the world of targeted cyberattacks was limited to nation states; few others had the understanding,resources or much to gain from carrying out such an attack.

However our increased dependence on the internetfor personal and business activity along with the availability of ‘hackers forhire’ and downloadable hacking tools has led to a wide range of cyber threatactors, all seeking to compromise networks to achieve their goal - be itcriminals looking for financial gain, organisations for commercial advantage,hacktivists for political reasons, or nation states continuing their espionage.

This blog post will look at the Targeted/Sophisticated category with a particular focus on the attacks from nationstates that were the early prototype for this category of attacks and continueto form a significant part of the threat landscape. As with the previous blogsin this series Kat draws on the article titled 'Advanced Persistent Threat' which we previously contributed to the IET.

Click here to read the blog in full

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