New Blog Released: Wireless Gridlock in the IoT

13 May 2015

Alex Farrant, one of our Senior Researchers based in Cheltenham has today released a blog post on the explosive growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) in home, wearable and vehicular wireless devices and the associated security risks.

"Discrete wireless networking technology (Bluetooth,WiFi, Zigbee) is proliferating at an ever increasingrate right across industry sectors, much faster than spectrum management or standards bodies can keep on top of or practically test" states Alex. 

The blog goes on to state that at the crux of the problem is the oversubscribed ISM bands whichare unmanaged, so whilst your company might exercise diligent planning of your wireless network(s), the growing number of local devices within range will pump out RFenergy into the same narrow slice of spectrum without a care for your planning- or devices.

To read the blog in full please click here.

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