New Blog Released: Wireless Phishing with Captive Portals

20 Jul 2015

Today Jan Tudor, one of our Lead Consultants, launched a blog on 'Wireless Phishing with Captive Portals'. In the post he describes a simple technique that has been around for some time, yet given the proliferation of open access wireless networks today, they are still very relevant.

Most people will have seen multiple freely accessible open wireless networks, for example at coffee shops, hotels, airports, etc. Users can freely connect to these networks without a password and will often be directed to a login page where a password is required before being allowed to browse the web. Less commonly this type of network access control method is used in enterprise environments to restrict access to corporate LANs such as a guest network.

The danger in using these types of networks is that all the detail required to create a clone of the access point is freely available.

Click here to read the blog in full.

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