New Paper Released: Demystifying the Exploit Kit

15 Dec 2015

We have just released a white paper written in collaboration withCERT UK, titled ‘Demystifying the Exploit Kit’. The paper seeks to deconstruct the way exploitkits typically work, focusing on the top seven kits and drawing out their mostcommon features and differences. The use of exploit kits is widespread amongstcybercriminals and a favouredmethod for distributing malware and as such is affecting a growing number oforganisations and individuals.

Therefore, our intention in producing this paper is to articulate the issue in a waythat displays technical rigour and understanding, whilst keeping the paper accessible to a more executive audience. Fromreading this paper we hope that networkdefenders will gather a firm understanding of this growing threat that can helpform a defensive plan and mitigation strategy.

Click here to read the white paper in full

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