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25 Apr 2017

Context has an established reputation for our technical training courses amongst our clients and are now offering individuals the opportunity to sign up to our two day Web Application Hacking course at our London office from the 31st May - 1st June 2017. This course has been designed as an introductory level course that requires no prior experience in this topic; it is particularly useful for web-app developers, ethical hackers and penetration testers.

The course will demonstrate how hackers think when attacking a site and show the common tools of their trade. At the conclusion of the training course attendees will know how to carry out web-app reconnaissance and information gathering and be familiar with well-known attacks.

Topics covered on the course include:

  • Introduction to modern web application security
  • Architectures and server types
  • Reconnaissance and information gathering
  • Intelligent spidering and discovery
  • The tools of the trade
  • Burp tool in detail
  • HTTPS, the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) and weak configurations
  • Thinking like an attacker
  • Common weaknesses and exploits
  • End of day capture the flag (CTF)

Our experience in teaching this course has taught us that,in order to properly guard against the ever increasing pool of weaknesses that organisations face, the defenders must learn to think like their opponents. The course is therefore structured around practical knowledge regarding web application security vulnerabilities, following a step-by-step model, finding the vulnerability, exploiting the vulnerability, understanding the underlying cause and creating a remedy. 

The course costs £1,000 per person to attend. To book your place, please complete the booking form.

This is the introductory session; there are two additional advanced and expert courses that can be taken in addition to this one that combined align with the syllabus of the CREST certified Web Application Tester (CCT App) exam.

Should you require any further information, please get in touch.

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