Cyber security testing and assurance fact sheet

Cyber security testing and assurance fact sheet

23 Feb 2018

The complexity of today’s cyber security landscape requires organisations to see through multiple lenses. Adaptable, sophisticated hackers and fraudsters seek new means to destroy, disrupt or outwit, requiring firms to reassess their cyber defences continually.

A combination of different types of assurance and testing methods will ensure that your organisation is as secure as possible against potential attackers.

Download the fact sheet for an explanation of each of the following types of tests and a comparison of what the different colours mean:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Penetration testing
  • Red teaming
  • Blue teaming
  • Purple teaming
  • White teaming

On the second page of this sheet, we show how red teaming works with an example of how Context was able to break into an organisation's network and gain access to its entire HR database during a red team assessment. 

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Cyber Essentials
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First - Improving Security Together
BSI ISO 9001 FS 581360
BSI ISO 27001 IS 553326
PCI - Approved Scanning Vendor
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ASSURE Cyber Supplier - CAA