SnitchDNS is a database driven DNS Server with a Web UI, written in Python, that makes DNS administration easier with all configuration changed applied instantly without restarting any system services.

Use cases include:

  • DNS Forwarding Server – Monitor all of the network’s requests via a Web UI.
  • Red Teams – Identify sandboxes, restrict access to known IP ranges, and monitor phishing domains. Also, integrate with SIEM solutions for better visibility of network activities.
  • DNS Tunnel – Log all DNS requests and egress data from restricted environments.
  • Let’s Encrypt – Make use of the DNS Challenge using the API or the CLI interface.
  • Canary Tokens – Get a notification every time a specific domain is resolved.

Some of its features include:

  • Web Interface
  • Support for MySQL/Postgres/SQLite
  • Catch-all Domains
  • Unmatched Record Forwarding
  • IP Restrictions
  • Notifications via E-mail, Web Push, Slack, and Teams
  • Multi-user, 2FA, and LDAP support
  • Database and CSV logging
  • API / Swagger 2.0
  • CLI Interface
  • Tags, Aliases, Import/Export

For more information about installing and using SnitchDNS, details about features and use cases, see the project page at

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CESG Certified Service
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BSI ISO 9001 FS 581360
BSI ISO 27001 IS 553326
PCI - Approved Scanning Vendor
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