Build and Configuration Reviews

Build and Configuration Reviews

If a standard build containing weaknesses is deployed across hundreds or thousands of servers, the impact can be very significant.

Build and configuration reviews help ensure that corporate system builds for servers, workstations, laptops, and other network infrastructure are configured securely and in line with security best practices and standards. It is important to have robust and secure standardised builds that are consistently deployed, as this provides assurance that business-critical systems are protected from both a network and a local perspective.

Our consultants are able to review the security configuration of different types of systems, servers and devices. We will provide a detailed report that includes the risks to your business and recommendations for remedial actions. This helps to ensure that your IT assets are aligned to the latest industry and vendor guidance and thus hardened against attack.

Desktop and server builds

We can carry out desktop and server build reviews to rectify flaws in an organisation's processes that could be contributing to security problems. Context has a range of experience in reviewing the configuration of desktop and server builds against industry good practices and vendor guidelines.

Application servers

We are able to review the configuration of a wide range of application servers, including common web servers, database servers, application servers and virtualisation technologies, as well as their underlying operating systems.

Firewalls and network devices

Many organisations have come to rely on firewalls and network devices as a keystone of their defences, so it is important to ensure that they are fit for purpose. We have a tried-and-tested methodology for reviewing the configuration and rules of firewalls and network devices such as switches, load balancers, and security appliances. We review devices from mainstream vendors such as Cisco, Check Point, F5, Juniper, Blue Coat and Palo Alto. Our testing is designed to identify security vulnerabilities, such as failure to achieve best practice, or instances of incorrect firewall configuration and the scope of each review can be adjusted to suit individual circumstances. 

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are increasingly used by employees within organisations to access sensitive enterprise data so it is vital that these devices are secure. This can be achieved by having a robust Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to manage all devices that have access to enterprise resources. Context can perform security reviews to assess your deployed MDM solution configuration, the supporting network architecture, as well as the mobile device security policies and management processes.

We can also test your mobile devices to verify that the deployed policy and configuration options provide the expected security. This provides assurance that corporate MDM systems and BYOD set-ups are secure and that risks relating to lost or stolen devices and data are mitigated.

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