Managed Phishing Simulation Service

Managed Phishing Simulation Service

Malicious phishing attacks are an increasingly common threat and phishing emails targeted at end users are often the first step in the majority of real-world compromises. 

Regular and controlled simulated phishing tests allow organisations to measure their exposure to real-world phishing attacks that seek to deliver exploits or extract user credentials.

A phishing simulation provides assurance around both the technical and people controls in place to prevent key assets from being compromised.

Context’s phishing simulation service tests end users through automated simulated phishing campaigns and can provide immediate phishing awareness training, followed by a comprehensive report detailing statistics and analysis around the success of the campaign.   

Benefits of Context's managed phishing simulation service:

  • Send targeted simulated phishing emails to your employees/users in a controlled manner
  • Design a range of targeted phishing emails varying from mass-emailed messages to highly targeted emails
  • Track user actions in a safe and non-intrusive way; anonymized if required
  • Redirect users who clicked on a phishing link to an e-learning platform to provide immediate awareness education
  • Assess technical controls in place to protect against spam and phishing emails (e.g. strength of email filtering and malware detection capabilities)
  • Identify users who are running a vulnerable browser or common plugins
  • Comprehensive reporting with statistics and analysis
  • Benchmark user awareness and trends that can be analysed across regular assessments

Our experience in conducting simulated phishing campaigns

We draw on our experience of performing real-world phishing attacks in red team engagements, as well as insights from responding to attacks against our customers. 

End user phishing awareness training
We can also provide corporate phishing awareness training programmes in conjunction with regular simulated phishing tests to raise awareness with end users around the dangers of phishing and allow them to develop their ability to spot malicious emails.

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