Security Architecture and Design

Security Architecture and Design

Our goal is to ensure that organisations are embodying the principles of secure by design right from the start of a project, in order to prevent costly changes in future. 

At Context we can work with you to adhere to the standards relevant to your sector, whether that is using the SABSA security framework, or the concepts and guidelines of the IEC62443 cyber security standard. But regardless of the framework, we believe that it’s crucial to adopt good practices and cyber security key principles right from the start of a project.

These include the principles of defence in depth and having complementary layers of defence; the importance of logical and physical segregation; principle of minimal rights when it comes to authentication and access control; data directionality, firewall placement and others. 

How we can help

At Context we use a threat driven approach, and we combine this with an understanding of your organisation’s risk appetite to identify the suitable architectural controls to review your infrastructure. We can work with your organisation on:

  • Ensuring that all security requirements are met in the design of your network or system
  • High-level architectural network design, either reviewing an existing design or developing a new one
  • Assess whether a new/existing system is following the principles of secure design
  • Advice on industry best practice

Why Context?

We have the expertise to work on projects ranging from cloud-based infrastructure to private infrastructure, to nuclear and civil engineering. 

We make sure we understand your business and critical issues, whether it’s finding out standards or regulatory requirements, legal policy, or any other security requirements that your infrastructure should adhere to.

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Speak to our team about adopting good practices and cyber security key principles.

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