Simulations & Exercises

Simulations & Exercises

'It’s not a matter of if your network is compromised but when' is a phrase often used when talking about cyber-attacks. A cyber breach table top exercise is a great way to proactively exercise your incident response preparedness.

Our gold team sessions will take your leadership team through a table top cyber-attack scenario, based on a real life incident. It will provide a safe environment for decisions to be made and allow for discussion and debate at key junctures of the cyber-attack scenario. The purpose of the session is to exercise existing plans, policies and procedures, or where they do exist, highlight areas for further development. 

If you already have a cyber incident response plan, this session will help your organisation to put it to the test. 

If you’re not at the stage where you have a fully developed incident response plan; a tabletop exercise can still help you obtain clarity and focus surrounding where you need to prioritise development in order to ensure that your organisation is in the strongest position it can be, when an incident occurs.

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