Cyber Security User Awareness Training

Cyber Security User Awareness Training

Educating employees on cyber security is a crucial step in minimising an organisation’s attack surface. Context offers a range of cyber security employee awareness workshops that will assist in articulating the cyber threats facing your business and its staff.

Context’s cyber security end user training sessions demonstrate to staff why their organisation is a target for cyber-attacks and how attackers will seek to target them as a way to steal sensitive data or funds. The briefing examines the major cyber threat groupings, giving relevant and real examples to illustrate the threat. 

Attendees will learn some practical and simple tips to better protect themselves at work and at home, covering areas such as: social engineering, social networks, passwords and e-mail attacks (phishing and spear phishing). By giving staff an awareness of the cyber threat they face it means that they are more likely to report suspicious activity, resulting in actual incidents being detected and dealt with quicker by your security teams; limiting the damage.  

Our end user awareness training can be tailored for specific sectors or roles, depending on the audience. This may be particularly useful for staff who work in departments deemed to be of high risk; for example, Senior Executives, Executive and Personal Assistants or those who work in finance or procurement roles.

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