October 2013, London

Our choice of presentation topics for this event are based on details provided by clients about their current requirements and concerns; and also on feedback received from delegates at previous Oasis events. Presentations at this event are based around the theme: 'The challenges associated with BYOD'.


Rob’s primary interest is not in the technical sophistication of the potential attacks, nor in the vulnerabilities of the technology in question, but rather in the question of who is seeking to attack and what data are they targeting.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way! Attacks will always be a risk, devices will always be vulnerable, but by understanding what capability is out there and the desire to attack we can better understand what the true risk is.

Rob’s presentation covered why an attacker might seek to compromise a mobile device, what data that may give them access to, some real world examples of attacks against handsets and looking at the motivations behind them, and finally the practicalities of preparing for a compromised device.

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Is BYOD keeping you up at night? Do you worry that Mobile Devices could be leaking sensitive corporate data from your network? Are you asking yourself is MDM is the solution? This talk provided an objective overview of the current state of MDM, and how it can be best used to protect mobile devices in a corporate environment.

In this talk the attack surface of BYOD devices was presented, and current solutions to secure mobile devices analysed. Threats from device theft, malicious applications, system exploits and malicious users were covered.

The inherent challenges of BYOD compared to corporate mobile device ownership was outlined and the reality of the security implications discussed. Finally the trade-off between security and usability will be reviewed within the context of BYOD, and we provided useful advice for those who decide that BYOD is the way they have to go.

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This talk demonstrated some attacks that might keep you awake at night. With MDM you cannot trust the environment where the MDM apps are running, because the phone’s security is not under your control. The presentation went through the following scenarios with practical demonstrations which provided a sense of what could go wrong:

·         Threat from a malicious employee

·         Threat to your organisation from a stolen phone

·         Threat of a malicious app on the phone

·         Threat from a totally compromised phone

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