Webinar: Device Security - How to test your connected devices and what you should consider

Join us for our next webinar on Device Security. Scott Lester will discuss Context's approach to testing connected devices and what you need to consider when manufacturing, buying and installing new devices. 

Apr 05 2018
05 Apr 2018 05 Apr 2018 16:00 – 16:45
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Whether for client engagements, public research or collaboration with Which?, Context's Research team has looked at the security of a range of different devices, including devices aimed at the consumer, enterprise and industrial markets. These devices or systems may have a combination of mobile, hardware, radio and cloud components, which would take a long time to test exhaustively, so how do we effectively test their security without spending hundreds of days on it? 

Given the recent publication from the UK Government on improving the security of IoT devices, how do commercial and industrial devices differ? 

In this webinar, Scott Lester, Principal Researcher at Context, will provide an overview of Context's work looking at the security of different devices. Topics will include:

  • An overview of product security.
  • Why we should care about product security. 
  • What security standards for connected devices currently exist. 
  • Case studies from our public research. 
  • What can be done on an individual and wider basis. 


What can you expect to learn? 

  • More about the security of connected devices. 
  • More on Context's approach to testing the security of devices. 
  • What to look for when buying and installing new devices on a network. 
  • What you should be asking of manufacturers and suppliers of connected devices. 


Who should attend? 

This webinar will benefit: 

  • IT security managers interested in the security of different devices on their network; 
  • Product owners and developers interested in building more secure products;
  • People who are interested in how we've hacked different kinds of devices. 



Scott Lester, Principal Researcher at Context, has been working in security for close to fifteen years, the last four of which have been in Context's Research team, where he's responsible for our Product Security Evaluation service. 

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