Context is Confirmed to Speak at 44CON

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Alex Chapman

Alex Chapman is confirmed to present on 'Hacking an Internet Enabled Lagomorph' at 44CON in September.

Throughout this presentation Alex will discuss the processes and procedures used to identify and eventually exploit vulnerabilities on the Karotz “smart companion” (what else would he be talking about?) Vulnerabilities identified include authentication bypass, jump table corruptions and heap overflows which eventually lead to unauthenticated ear wiggling exploits. A couple of remote code execution bugs will also be discussed.

A note from Alex:

"So, I have to admit, I got a little obsessed with this project. Who would have thought an internet enabled, hyperkinetic, 9.6-inch rabbity thing could hold so much intrigue. Little did I know that in procuring this geek toy I’d be delving down the proverbial rabbit hole of ARM exploitation, including reverse engineering, cross compiling, protocol analysis, 0days and producing exploits from vulnerability advisories. All this in an attempt to get remote code execution… on a rabbit… seriously!"

Context is sponsoring the event on the 11th and 12th of September. We've got some exciting plans for our exhibition space so make sure you pop by.

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