Context Accredited for Government Cyber Incident Response Scheme

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Context is one of the first companies to be certified by CESG, as an approved supplier of Cyber Incident Response services to UK organisations that have suffered attacks from the most sophisticated criminal or state-sponsored threat actors. The Cyber Incident Response scheme provides the public sector, the UK’s critical national infrastructure and private sector companies that impact on the country’s ‘economic well-being’, with access to Government-accredited suppliers delivering the highest levels of experience, ability and integrity.

Context was one of only four companies involved in the Cyber Incident Response (CIR) pilot scheme launched 12 months ago. It has had to pass further rigorous examinations of its cyber incident response skills, experience and methodologies before being given approval by CESG and CPNI to carry out work on their recommendation as part of the full CIR scheme.

During the pilot, Context conducted cyber incident response investigations for organisations across multiple sectors, including government, defence and aerospace, finance, law and the utilities. The work involved making substantial improvements to their cyber security posture through threat detection and response services as well as providing wider information security consultancy.

The CIR initiative supports the delivery of the UK Cyber Security Strategy and expands the UK’s cyber incident response capabilities through greater collaboration between Government and industry.

“We are delighted that Context’s experience in helping organisations defend themselves against targeted attacks has once again been recognised. The partnership between Context and CESG/CPNI is one we value, and our continued membership of the Cyber Incident Response scheme is an important part of this on-going relationship,” said Alex Church, Technical Director at Context Information Security, which has been providing cyber incident response and investigation services since 2007. “Organisations notified of attacks by CESG or CPNI or those interested in getting expert cyber security advice about detection and mitigation now have a clear pointer to specialist support with the level of trust and quality-assurance delivered by the scheme.”

More information on the CIR scheme can be found here.

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