Michael Jordon is confirmed to speak at HITB, Malaysia

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Mike Jordon B&W

Michael is due to present on the ‘ARM Wrestling a Printer: How to Mod Firmware ‘at HITB on the 15th October.

The content of this presentation discovers how an encrypted firmware image may be hijacked to run custom malware, demonstrated using a Canon printer. The talk will explain the full process, from breaking the encryption, identifying and understanding the flash file format, reverse engineering the binaries, bootloader, compression, and ARM instructions, patching the binary, development of an ARM backdoor, reversing the functionality to steal printed documents and scanned files, and finally rebuilding the firmware to create a malicious image which may be uploaded it to the printer.

This presentation will explain the whole end-to-end process of how to reverse engineer the firmware and modify it to create a trojanised version that can send documents being printed or scanned to the internet, or provide a backdoor into a corporate network.

For more detail on the presentation click here

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