New Blog Released: Hacking into Internet Connected Light Bulbs

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Light bulb

Alex Chapman investigates the security weaknesses in a LIFX light bulb; a “WiFi enabled multi-color [sic], energy efficient LED light bulb” that can be controlled from a smartphone [1].

This device was chosen due to its use of emerging wireless network protocols, the way it came to market and its appeal to the technophile in all of us. The LIFX project started off on crowd funding website Kickstarter in September 2012 where it proved hugely popular, bringing in over 13 times its original funding target.

LIFX bulbs connect to a WiFi network in order to allow them to be controlled using a smart phone application. In a situation where multiple bulbs are available, only one bulb will connect to the network.

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Further insight into other devices is due to follow in subsequent blogs.

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