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The Road to Resilience
The Resilient Road to Recovery

By Paul Martin, 20 April 2017

“It’s not a matter of if your network is compromised but when”. This phrase may be one of the tired clichés of cyber security, but it is true nonetheless. All ...

Hard drive
Making an NTFS Volume Mountable by Tinkering with the VBR

By Adam Bridge, 29 March 2017

We recently had to do disk forensics of 10 disks, each of which had a BitLocker encrypted C volume. We were working with E01s, but no real problem, the organisation's ...

Hard Drive 2 Icon
Forensic Imaging. So this should now boot... right?

By Matt Raeburn, 15 March 2017

Often within forensics an investigation can benefit from analysing the machine as the user would see it. This can lead to artefacts being found that may not be obvious when ...

Unicorn and Dog
Hacking Unicorns with Web Bluetooth

By Paul Stone, 28 Feb. 2017

Some news broke yesterday about the CloudPets toy we've been looking at over the last few months. Researchers discovered an unsecured MongoDB server that exposed sensitive CloudPets customer data. My ...

Mitel blog
Phwning the boardroom: hacking an Android conference phone

By Tom Moreton, 15 Feb. 2017

At Context we’re always on the lookout for interesting devices to play with. Sat in a meeting room one day, we noticed that the menus on the conference phone, a ...

User awareness training
User Awareness: An Important Tool in Protecting Your Organisation from Cyber Threats

By Tom Williams, 07 Feb. 2017

Making your employees aware of the cyber threats they might face, both at work and at home, is an invaluable exercise. On its own, this activity is certainly not going ...

Mobile phone
WAP just happened to my Samsung Galaxy?

By Tom Court and Neil Biggs, 24 Jan. 2017

This is the third in a series of blogs about how, even in 2017, SMS-based attacks on Android phones are still viable. In part one, Al described how to set ...

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