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Firmware storage options
Part I: An Overview of Firmware Storage Options

By Scott Lester and Steven Day, 09 Aug. 2017

The security of a device’s firmware, as the first or an early part of a trusted chain, can have implications for the security of the whole system. At Context we ...

Multi step forms
Testing Multi-Step Forms

By Michael Skiba, 26 July 2017

In this two-part blog, we will be discussing multi-step forms. In part 1, we will see how multi-step forms affect scoping a test; while in part two we will go ...

Multi step forms
Über die Schwierigkeiten von Antragsstrecken

By Michael Skiba, 26 July 2017

In diesem zweiteiligen Blogpost werden wir Antragsstrecken diskutieren. In Teil 1 befassen wir uns damit, wie Antragsstrecken die Aufwandsabschätzung („Scoping“) beeinflusst. In Teil 2 (Englisch) werden wird anhand eines einfachen ...

What's a Security Operations Centre (SOC) and why should I care?

By John Higginson, 12 July 2017

My previous blog post talked about cyber security risk management. This post explains the relevance and importance of a SOC and how this capability can reduce the risk to your ...

The Neglected Dangers of Email Functionality

By Tilman Bender, 28 June 2017

A great deal of web applications utilise email to implement functionalities such as user self-registration, password reset or a simple 'contact us' form. What we know is that email is ...

What you need to know
Petya: What you need to know

By Kevin O'Reilly, 27 June 2017

Context has become aware of a new self-propagating variant of the “Petya” ransomware which spreads using the EternalBlue SMB exploit made famous by WannaCry.Like WannaCry, this malware variant contains an ...

Hacking the Virgin Media Super Hub

By Jan Mitchell and Andy Monaghan, 12 June 2017

IntroductionUpdate: Following several queries we can confirm that all Super Hub 2 devices use 'changeme' as the default password for administrative access. The Super Hub 2AC also uses this password ...

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