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Bluetooth LE - Increasingly popular, but still not very private

By Scott Lester and Paul Stone, 05 May 2016

In May last year we wrote a blog post on our initial research on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). This covered our research into the new protocol, including what devices were ...

The rise and rise of red teaming
The rise and rise of red teaming

By Mark Nicholls, 20 April 2016

Red team testing is increasingly being employed by organisations across the business spectrum, but particularly in the banking and finance sector, to identify vulnerabilities that could leave them open to ...

RDP Replay Tool
RDP Replay Code Release

By Steve Elliott, 13 April 2016

In one of our previous blog posts, we wrote about how during routine monitoring on a client network, Context analysts noticed some unexpected RDP traffic and on further investigation it ...

Subverting the Agent on Network PATROL
Subverting the Agent on Network PATROL

By Kevin O'Reilly, 06 April 2016

A Red Team engagement led to the team discovering unprotected credentials encrypted with an infrastructure management product from software provider BMC. The CVE identifier for this is: CVE-2016-2348.Opportunities multiply as ...

Protecting Against the Insider Threat
Protecting Against the Insider Threat

By Nick Mazitelli, 31 March 2016

The trusted insider threat remains one of the most potent, yet least understood, of the all the security threats that organisations face. All too often protections are designed based on ...

Debugging the Windows Kernal
An Introduction to Debugging the Windows Kernel with WinDbg

By Jan Mitchell, 16 March 2016

Being able to examine the inner workings of an operating system is a powerful ability. The kernel is a common target for advanced malware and many of the most powerful ...

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The New glibc Vulnerability that Desperately Needs a Name

By Alise Silde, 02 March 2016

A lighthearted view on the latest glibc vulnerability and how it compares to similar older issues.The GNU C Library, most common in Linux environments, but also widely-used for interfacing with ...

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