Wireless Testing

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Wireless connectivity is now an expectation for many: in the home, a host of public places and in the workplace. But implementations of these technologies are a significant source of weakness and security vulnerabilities for many organisations. As a result, this has long been an area upon which Context has focused its efforts, in research activity and in our efforts to define and refine best practice in the field. We now have extensive experience in testing security related to all types of wireless, RF-enabled technologies, for clients including major financial and blue chip companies.

Wireless vulnerabilities may sometimes be created inadvertently: if staff or contractors install – perhaps for unauthorised but not malicious purposes – inadequately secured wireless devices which may then bypass existing security measures. So we are able to offer complementary services, such as additional training, alongside testing.

As ever, our aim is not just to help clients identify and resolve any security issues and vulnerabilities associated with the use of wireless technologies, but also to use any lessons learned in the process to help ensure the client can continue to use these technologies securely in the future. 

For more information on wireless testing please contact us and ask to speak to one of our account managers.
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