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Research is of huge importance at Context, whether we are doing it on behalf of customers or for ourselves. Our Assurance and Response teams conduct research as part of normal business, as changes in technology lead the refinement of our tools and services. Our Research team works full time on research consultancy and on leading and coordinating our public research.

Context is often engaged by vendors, users and third parties to assess the security of software and hardware products, and to reverse engineer, discover vulnerabilities and write proofs-of-concept. We have a long history of working with high profile tech companies to help secure their products, including some of the biggest tools and platforms out there.

Sometimes we’ll look at a technology for our own interest. All of what we discover in our public research is published via our blogs, white papers and tools, enabling us to share our findings and expertise with our clients and with the wider security community. To support this, we have a well-established responsible disclosure policy.

If you would like to discuss a research project in more detail please contact us:

Phone: +44 (0)207 537 7515 (UK) |    +49 (0)6032 949 7917 (DE) |    +61 1300 565 352 (AU)


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