Product Security Evaluation

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Have you ever thought about how your product would stand up against hackers? Interested in how well a product has been developed before buying, using or recommending it?

Our product evaluation service is designed to help you ascertain how well a product has been developed from a security perspective and the level to which it might stand up to relevant threats.

Whether it's your product, or one you're thinking about buying, using or recommending, we'll attack it like a hacker would, to find any obvious vulnerabilities and likely areas of weakness.

How we can help

This service is designed to deliver the level of assurance for the appropriate threats. It is not a full product assurance process, which can take many weeks (if you do want that, or want to sell to UK Government, look into CPA or CTAS), but a way of achieving a pragmatic measure of assurance in the security of a product.

  • Each assessment is tailored to the product and to your requirements.
  • We will work with you to determine a suitable scope for the evaluation, taking into account the likely threat to the product and the impact of a breach in security.

Our team

Our Research team have a real mix of skills and experience, but share a core set of reverse engineering, vulnerability research and software development skills. Previous customers include global technology vendors, corporate and government organisations.

Examples of our work

Contact us if you are interested in a sample report, or see the links below for what we've found in other commercial products:

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