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13 Dec. 2010

Security Implications of Smartphones

Following a recent surge of concerned customers coming to us regarding the security considerations of enterprise wide Smartphone deployments, coupled with the fact that the millions of Smartphone devices shipped worldwide in 2010 cementing their ubiquity as a global business tool, Context decided to take their experiences in the field and build upon them through dedicating independent research effort into investigating the leading technologies in the Smartphone marketplace, specifically taking a security in enterprise perspective.

The output of which Context are please to be releasing in the form of a whitepaper entitled “Smartphone in enterprise – Security Implications of Smartphones”. This white paper is intended to raise awareness of the risks faced by, and provide technical and strategic guidance for, enterprises seeking to secure Smartphone deployments.

It highlights the common security implications and offers general guidance that can be applied to any Smartphone deployment. Furthermore it outlines a range of issues that may be encountered, and provides a technology-independent baseline for good practice. Our intention was not to publish an entirely technically focused whitepaper describing the research performed, but to put together a discussion piece that is both interesting and informative to those professionals tasked with considering the risks to enterprise of Smartphone use.

Read the full white paper

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