Tablets In The Enterprise

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08 Oct. 2012

It is difficult to ignore the growing presence of tablet computers in schools and workplaces around the world. Tablets are conveniently small, light and powerful, are less expensive than many laptops, yet have excellent storage facilities and connectivity. They are often sold with built-in apps or accompanying desktop software, which provides access to rich multimedia content for entertainment on-the-go and allows the tablet’s data to be backed up to a local computer or to a cloud-based service. The device format is perfect for social networking, but also for creating documents, presentations and other content on-the-fly, then, with a few taps and swipes, sharing it with the management team, or the wider world. It is easy to see why growing numbers of people prefer tablets to desktops and laptops: they allow a blend of productivity, connectivity and physical freedom which has never quite been achieved before.

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