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The practice of information security is seen by many, even experienced practitioners, as focused on improving the largely passive protections around networks and information. While this work is valuable and it is always preferable to prevent or avoid a security issue if possible, in the context of the modern threat landscape passive protections alone are inadequate to protect against all attacks.

In order to reduce the potential impact of security incidents it is imperative to minimise the window of opportunity for intruders following a successful attack. This is achieved on the one hand by reducing the time between the initial successful execution of an attack and when it is detected by defenders through good quality monitoring; and on the other hand by ensuring the response is as rapid and thorough as possible through effective incident response practices.

Our Response Division specialises in providing network security monitoring and incident response services, with offerings across the full spectrum of consultancy - from training and familiarisation through to rapid incident response and long-term dedicated monitoring. These services have been designed and honed through extensive experience to give organisations the support and capability they need to effectively and efficiently detect, respond to and protect against the most sophisticated cyber threats.

In recognition of our capability and reputation in this area Context were among the first companies to be accredited under the joint CESG and CPNI run Cyber Incident Response Scheme and we are one of only five companies currently accredited under this scheme.

If you have been a victim of a cyber attack contact our Cyber Incident Response Team on:

Phone: 0800 082 0822 (UK)  |    +49 (0)6032 949 7917 (DE) |    +61 1300 565 352 (AU)

Alternatively you can contact us through our head office number: +44 (0)207 537 7515


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