Cyber Security Strategy and Advisory

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Context can work with your organisation to develop a comprehensive and effective cyber security strategy that covers a full spectrum of services and disciplines, from developing a proactive defensive capability to minimising damage if a breach does happen. We can also work with you to evolve and optimise your existing cyber strategies and recommend or assist in implementing bespoke cyber solutions that complement your organisation’s existing capabilities and investments.

The areas we can help with include:

  • Threat management
  • Cyber risk and compliance
  • Security architecture
  • Security operations
  • Analytics and reporting.

Across the breadth of these core capability pillars, we have experience and expertise to deliver the following competencies:

  • Maturity assessments
  • Strategy and transformation programmes
  • Capability development and delivery
  • Education and awareness training
  • Reporting and visualisation

At Context we are not aligned to any technology, service or model, and are therefore free to employ the best solution to meet the specific challenges of your organisation. In addition, we have both unique insights and extensive experience in cyber security leading to an exposure to what works well and what doesn’t, and our preferred approach is to seamlessly integrate with your own security teams to co-own your cyber challenges.

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